Hello, my name is Cristiano and I make videos for the love of it.

Learn more about me and what I can do for you!

If you love innovation and creativity, I'd love to tell the world your story through film!

  • Something about me


    My video style is for the web: the story figured for a project can be told in a quick and effective way, capturing attention and memory.
    It can deal with your business, an event or everything you want. Let the audience be impressed!


    You'd better press play on the left and check out some of my work in the video section. Then after, if you haven't left already, email me and let´s talk about working together just clicking the "get in touch" icon below.


  • About my work process

    video for the web: fresh ideas

    Establishing the focus of the project talking togheter and collecting all the ideas about it.

    video for the web: tools

    Preparing all needs to make the project reliable in terms of tools, people and timings.

    video for the web: work

    ...And action! It's time to film all the footage we need to tell the story, and then make it come out by editing.

    video for the web: checkpoints
    Feedback & Improvement

    Before delivering we'll pass through the checkpoints we fixed to review the work and improve it.


  • i made these

  • Featured Projects

    Yes this sub-section is empty : ) 'cause I decided not to die trying reaching the unreacheble perfection ( and so the headaches finally stopped! ).

    It will be on air soon showing some of the projects I worked for.

    If you subscribe I'll be glad to know you in advance and tell you when the site is complete.

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So interested in working together? Fill out the form with some info about your project and I will back to you as soon as I can. Please allow a couple of days for me to respond.

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